The Ultimate Grand Rapids Holiday Gift Guide (Food Edition)

It is definitely holiday season and with that comes the pressure of finding the perfect gift! Well, I’m here to help you out with that. I have compiled this awesome gift guide of my favorite food gifts/food experiences/restaurants. If it’s edible, it’s on here.

For the Snack Lover: Dorothy and Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn.

Photo by Dorothy and Tony’s

This popcorn is so delicious and fresh (no preservatives here). Not to mention it comes in a variety of different flavors. Dorothy and Tony’s popcorn is gluten-free and they even have their kettle corn which is vegan. Stop by their location in the Downtown Market to grab a bag or even a holiday gift basket!

For the Chocolate Fanatic: Mokaya.

Photo by Mokaya 

Did you just say you wanted gorgeous handcrafted chocolates that are out of this world? If so, Mokaya is your one-stop shop. They not only feature the best chocolates but also things like tarts, cake, and hot cocoa. Once you’ve had Mokaya, all other chocolates will be inadequate. You’ve been warned.

For the Budding Culinarian: Cooking Classes.

Photo by The Local Epicurean 

I’m always an advocate for taking as many cooking classes as possible. Learning from a variety of different chefs helps to create your own style of doing things and expands your culinary knowledge. Here are some of my favorite public classes (or book a private in-home class with yours truly). Downtown Market, Local Epicurean, and Sur la table.

For the Beer Lover:

Photo by Jenn Fillenworth

If you have a home brewer you’re shopping for, a good bet is to hook them up with a gift card to Sicilianos or O’Connors. Both have an incredible selection of homebrew supplies. If you’re buying for a beer drinker, I personally love the selection at Siciliano’s, Rishi’s, and Craft Beer Cellar. Plus, you’ll find highly educated staff that can help you build variety packs.

For the Wine Lover:

Photo by Russo’s

Russo’s will always be my go-to when I’m looking for a great bottle of wine. They also have a highly educated staff on hand to help you find the perfect bottle. I can also find budget-friendly wines that are delicious, which is a great thing when you need to shop on a budget but want to impress with your gift.

For the Hostess Extraordinaire: Art of the Table or Rebel

Photo by Art of the Table

This is my favorite specialty shop. It has the cutest drinkware, eating/serving utensils, table linens, aprons, cookbooks, décor, wine, beer, liquor, and anything else you could imagine. You can’t go wrong with anything purchased from Art of the Table. It’s one of my go-to holiday shopping spots, so say hi when you see me there.

Photo by Rebel

If your friends or family have a great sense of humor and want to add a little more flair to their kitchen, check out Rebel. This store has some of the most fun gifts you could imagine. I always add a new kitchen towel and cookbook when I stop by.

For those that just want restaurant recommendations for gift cards/date night out:

Because of work and play, I eat at a lot of really phenomenal places in Grand Rapids. Therefore, I get asked all the time for restaurant recommendations. So I’ve compiled a top five that all feature different cuisines.  You will not be disappointed in any of these options.

The Sovengard (Nordic with a Midwest twist)

Photo by The Sovengard

Terra GR (Seasonal, Farm-to-table)

Photo by Terra

MeXo (pre-Hispanic cuisine of Mexico)

Photo by MeXo

Amore (Italian)

Photo by Amore

Forty Acres (American, Soul)

Photo by Forty Acres

There you have it. Hopefully, this has sparked some ideas for all your food-loving friends and family.

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