About Jenn

Hey there! I am Jenn from Grand Rapids, MI.


I started working in professional kitchens at the age of 14 (I promise I had a work permit). I continued to work in the food industry until I graduated from college. Before making a decision on a college major, I studied everything from Science to Politics to Fashion Design to Culinary Arts. I decided to combine my love of science and food to pursue a degree in Dietetics.

I graduated with my degree in Dietetics from Michigan State University (Go Green!) and after a year of internship became a Registered Dietitian. Shortly after that, I tackled a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and recently graduated from Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) in November 2017.

I do a little bit of everything right now. I am a:

  • Culinary student
  • Freelance nutrition writer
  • Food liaison for GRNow.com
  • Ketogenic dietitian
  • Creator/owner of Jenny with the Good Eats

On top of all that, I have a really great husband and the silliest Siberian Husky you will ever meet. Life is busy but I thrive on being busy and meeting as many new people as possible. I am always ready for a new adventure!

I enjoy collaborating with food companies to help promote their products. If you are a part of a company looking for a health representative, please visit my media page.

Here are some of my deepest darkest secrets:

  • Favorite food? Pizza, bonus points if it contains prosciutto
  • Favorite beverage? Coffee
  • Morning or Evening Person? Morning
  • Favorite animal? Besides dogs, I love capybaras!
  • Favorite Color? Green…Michigan State Green
  • Culinary Hero? Alton Brown

My goal is to provide you with easy healthy recipes, teach you some of the science behind the food you are eating, and hopefully show you that all foods can fit into your life (even pizza).

Let’s cook.




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