About Jenn

Hey there! I am Jenn from Grand Rapids, MI.


I started working in professional kitchens at the age of 14 (I promise I had a work permit). I continued to work in the food industry until I graduated from college. As I tried to decide on a college major, it came down to medical school or culinary school. Ultimately, I decided to combine my love of science and food to pursue a degree in Dietetics.

I graduated with my degree in Dietetics from Michigan State University (Go Green!) and after a year of internship became a Registered Dietitian. Shortly after that, I tackled a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and graduated from Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) in December 2017. While finishing my Master’s degree, I decided I NEEDED to get back into the culinary swing of things. I then attended the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College to obtain a Personal Chef certificate. I just really love school.

I currently work as a freelance culinary dietitian which includes everything from recipe development and food photography, personal chef events, televised media segments, and I work as an adjunct professor at my former culinary school. How cool is that??

On top of all that, I have a really great husband and the silliest Siberian Husky you will ever meet. Life is busy but I thrive on being busy and meeting as many new people as possible. I am always ready for a new adventure!



Jenny with the good eats logo design courtesy of Mark C. Tomczak Illustrations 


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